If it is used to make a living…

If it is used to save lives…

If it works in harsh conditions…

It will be a YAMAHA


Yamaha is acknowledged as having the most reliable and durable outboard motors in the world, particularly in a commercial environment. Years of research market and experience ensure that the motors deliver great performance and reliability constantly, and last longer.

All motors rely on good regular service and correct preventative maintenance programmes.

Yamaha dealer workshops are staffed by experienced technicians who receive regular training to ensure that your motor gives you back the value that you deserve and have paid for.




Yamaha technical training staff are constantly revisiting all the technicians and ensuring that they meet the expected standards to service those hardworking motors. All technicians who have attended the training over the years have been issued with certificates to indicate to you, our important customers that you will receive the best attention and advice as well as the WARRANTY SERVICE required.

Yamaha warranty is only valid if the motor or waverunner is registered on the Club Yamaha site and the outboard motors are serviced by certified technicians. As the technology advances to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and the lowest levels of emissions, more emphasis is placed on the onboard computers (ECU) managing the fuel injection system.

Each year the digital diagnostic systems are improved and the technicians need to be trained to work with the latest software.

The diagnostic systems are controlled by Yamaha Motor Co in Japan and are downloaded directly to the qualified workshops laptop and the files are protected and cannot be copied. This technology is now no longer available to a non-authorised Yamaha dealer. It is only available at an authorised Yamaha dealership who has been trained and certified i.e. the diagnostic software stays as proprietary information of the dealerships and cannot be transferred. Should the technician leave for any reason the information stays behind.

To protect you, the customer, each qualified technician is rewarded with a certificate, which is displayed at the dealership to indicate that they are trained on the latest software.

If the motor is serviced or repaired at a non-Yamaha, non-certified dealer the warranty will become void.



In this process, all technicians are being evaluated and master technicians certificates are awarded to those who have the required years of service and are qualified i.e. have attended the necessary courses in the five main areas:

  • Powerhead
  • Fuel Injection
  • Gearbox
  • Trim & Tilt
  • Electronics

YDSA is in the process of ensuring that all workshops are under the supervision of a master technician. Please check that your local dealer has the following:

  • Genuine authorised Yamaha Dealer status
  • Has certificates indicating that the technicians have been certified by Yamaha Tech Department
  • The workshop is under the supervision of a Master Technician
  • Sells only genuine Yamaha spare parts
  • Uses Yamalube oils to give you the best lubrication


Your Yamaha outboard motor offers you the best value in the market place in terms of performance, reachability, long service and value, so please ensure that you use your local authorised, certified Yamaha Marine dealer to maximise this advantage.


It is worth more when you buy it!

It is worth more when you use it!

It is worth more when you trade it or sell it!


Dealer Name of Technician Qualification Yamaha Technician Number
Durban Yamaha Alpha Leon Lortan Master Technician 27IC560252
Durban Yamaha Gregory Iain Owen Mee Head Technician
Durban Yamaha Siyazama Dlamini Service and Rigging Technician
Durban Yamaha Ephraim Boora Trailer Refurb Technician
Durban Yamaha Mthokozisi Mthembu Training Technician
TKY Yamaha Phil Puttergill Master technician 27IC560253
TKY Yamaha Werner Olivier Head Technician
TKY Yamaha Graham Greyvenstein Head Technician
TKY Yamaha Shawn Van Schalkwyk Training Technician
Anchor Boat Shop Sturt Anthony Pead Master technician 27IC570158
Anchor Boat Shop Robert Derek Jacobsz Technician
Anchor Boat Shop Darren Natheneil Fraser Technician
Anchor Boat Shop David Mark Adams Technician
Anchor Boat Shop Lwandile Mkendlana Technician
Pretoria Yamaha Sello L Maluleke Outboard and PWC Technician
Pretoria Yamaha Elias Maluleke Outboard and PWC Technician
Boat World Gary Steven Van Der Westhuizen Master Technician 27IC560259
Natal Caravans and Marine Tjaart Van Der Walt Head Technician
Natal Caravans and Marine Dumisa Siyabonga Mlambo Training Technician
D7 Boating Johannes Stephanus Duvenage Master Technician 27IC560357
D7 Boating John Charles West Technician
D7 Boating Ignatius Minnaar Technician
Linex Yamaha Wayne Edwards Master Technician 27IC570258
Linex Yamaha Bernard Mtshali Technician
Linex Yamaha Patrick Ratshoshi Technician
Linex Yamaha Sydney Koaho Technician
Heyneman Yamaha Matthys Johannes Kemp Master Technician 27IC550257
Heyneman Yamaha Willie Hansen Technician
Knysna Marine Willie Stander Master Technician 27IC570151
Knysna Marine Odillo Muller Master Technician 27IC580258
Knysna Marine Alwyn Rose Master Technician 27IC570254
Knysna Marine Zanele Tomson Technician
Knysna Marine Steven Sonqai Technician
Knysna Marine Kyle Bradley Hodgkinson Technician
El Shaddai Marine Willie Schoonbee Master Technician 27IC560053
El Shaddai Marine Christopher Booi Technician
El Shaddai Marine Stefan Gerber Technician
Vredenburg Yamaha Dexter Glyn Poole Master Technician 27IC561252
Two Oceans Marine Alistair Allan Charles Dickson Master Technician 27IC571155
Droomers Yamaha Schalk Van Zyl Master Technician 27IC580250
Droomers Yamaha Warren Alex Watson Master Technician 27IC560156
Salleys Yamaha Gregory Vincent Charles Dennis Master Technician 27IC550153
Big Blue John Morgan O’ Kennedy Technician
Big Blue Raimo Jaime Sebastiao Manhice
Kretz Marine Karl Kretzmann Master Technician 27IC570151
Kretz Marine Alwyn Kretzmann Master Technician 27IC550258
Kretz Marine Vaughn Kretzmann Master Technician 27IC571056
Brilliant Bass Marine Richard Alec Partridge Master Technician 27IC560351
Venters Auto & Marine Paul Venter Master Technician 27IC56025
George Marine Willie Schoonbee Master Technician 27IC560053
Richards Bay Yamaha Trevor Harvey Master Technician 271C570153
Richards Bay Yamaha Marcel Kotze Technician
Mr Water Christopher Cullen Technician
East Coast Marine Wayne Robertson Master Technician 271C570216
East Coast Marine Johnathan Senekal Apprentice
East Coast Marine Njabulo Makhathini Rigging Technician
East Coast Marine Bongani Mkhize Assistant Technician
Race Tech Yamaha Andrew Collin Nesom Master Technician 271C570257
Race Tech Yamaha Chez Brian Thackwray Technician
Race Tech Yamaha Keith Desmond Scheepers Technician
Race Tech Yamaha Joseph Themba Inkize Training Technician
Boating Shed Andrew Peter Jenvy Master Technician 271C560255
Boating Shed Geoff Burchell Master Technician 271C561251
Boating Shed David James Ziehl Technician
Potch Marine Markus Fourie Master Technician 271C560150
Potch Marine Clinton Visser Technician
Potch Marine Petri Fourie Technician