In this process, all technicians are being evaluated and those who have the required years of service and are qualified i.e. have attended the necessary courses in the five main areas:

  • Powerhead
  • Fuel Injection
  • Gearbox
  • Trim & Tilt
  • Electronics

YDSA is in the process of ensuring that all workshops are under the supervision of a master technician.  Please check that your local dealer has the following:

  • Genuine authorised Yamaha Dealer status
  • Has certificates indicating that the technicians have been certified
  • The workshop is under the supervision of a Master Technician
  • Sells only genuine Yamaha spare parts


Your Yamaha outboard motor offers you the best value in the market place in terms of rehabilitee, long service and versatile value, so please ensure that you use your local authorised, certified Yamaha Marine dealer to maximise this advantage.


It is worth more when you buy it!

It is worth more when you use it!

It is worth more when you trade it or sell it!